The Sculpture Studio

Gertraud foundet the Studio in 1987, working on her own sculpture and  started teaching the first two Students. It grew to answer the needs of people who likewise wanted to deepen their artistic work and who wanted to learn from her.

With increasing numbers of people joining the Studio an adjacent room was converted into a studio in 1995 and in 2004 the Pottery was added to the Studio compound. At present four teachers share the spaces and Studio teaching days.

The Studio attracts people for all sorts of reasons: to develop sculptural skills, to use for a sabbatical, for continued professional development, and many others. Everyone works on an individual basis, with the programme based on particular wishes, time and resources. We encourage and facilitate each individual to take responsibility for their own programme and process.

coffee_breakCoffebreak has become an integral part of the life of the Studio; it is the setting for discussions, group observations and presentations as well as for relaxation and celebrations with friends.

For us sculpture/art is part of life, the Studio gives us the opportunity to develop a faculty in a supportive environment which in turn bears fruit in the most varied ways for our daily life.